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BIOGRAFY:  dr.ir. Eveline Stilma (1979)

After her gymnasium at the Rythovius College in the village Eersel she started her study Crop Science at Wageningen University in 1997. Initially, she carried out research on Rhexocercosporidium carotae in the Phytopathology group. Additionally, she investigated water use efficiency and radiation use efficiency of conifers grown in containers.

After her MSc she did her PhD on development of biodiverse production systems in the Netherlands. Main theme was design of a new kind of cropping system that besides a yield function had a biodiversity function and landscape value.

In 2008 she graduated for her PhD on the subject ‘development of biodiversity in crop mixtures’.

In continuation of this research she worked on development of new kinds of cropping systems out of the soil to minimize nutrient leaching.

SIGN/Innovation offered her the possibility to do applied research on Polyculture design in greenhouses (the Polydome project) with farmers.

She studied Agro Ecology at the Norges landbrukshøgskole in Ås, Norway. She received her Permaculture Design Certificate from Geoff Lawton, the Channon in Australia.

She visited relevant congresses in Europe, America and the far East. She wrote dozens of papers, abstracts and posters and published papers in Dutch trade magazines. She also cooperated in a big number of reviewed scientific papers in her discipline.

In 2013 she started her own company InnoPlant, a consultancy agency for design of innovative urban cropping systems.

In 2016 she wrote her book Polycultures in the greenhouse, experiences by pioneers. There she accurately describes experiences of growers with polyculture designs.

She reached the final round of the business Challenge Floriade werkt! with her business plan Polycultures in the greenhouse.

She is in contact with architects, project developers and local /provincial governments on the possibilities of application of polycultures in buildings and city districts. She works on both horizontal and vertical applications.

She gives lectures on current applications and expected future developments.

She is a guest teacher at Utrecht University where she teaches the course Emulating Nature.

She is very experienced on linking her scientific knowledge to practice.

Eveline spends her free time on playing the piano and rowing. She is living together in Almere and has two children.

February 2018